images are not displayed properly

Hi Aigars

I am Methee from Thailand again.
Recently, i faced with some problem in loading images on my website.

The strange thing is that sometimes all the images on my page are displayed properly but sometimes some of the images are not displayed (both on smartphone and desktop). I need to click refresh my browser one or two times in order to get all the images to displayed. (It happens with all the browsers i often use which are firefox and chrome and also bothboth on mobile device and desktop )

Did i make any mistake? Or it happens because the hosting issue? Because i rent a hosting in USA but i work with my website from Thailand. Or my website contains too lage images size ?

I have attached the link of the page which always have problem below:

** not including the image on the left side bar, there should be 4 images on this page.

Thanks a lot


Dear Aigars

I have put the link to download a picture illustrating the problem ( i capture the screen of my mobile device using google chrome mobile to open the page that always has problem)

image display problem

Dear Aigars

So apologise the link is here i chose wrong code for the above previous post:

Dear Aigars

The problem has already been solved !
I disabled the google page speed service then everything back to normal.

Anyway thanks for your great theme!


Sorry for late response!

I am glad that you already fixed this issue. However, I still see that image on sidebar is missing.

Hi Aigars

Thanks for your response!
The problem has been solved. By the time you still see the missing image may be because i was making some changes on my website.

Anyway from now if you still see any missing image please kindly let me know too


Image is still missing on your sidebar. Even direct image link returns error.

Maybe you haven’t cleaned your website cache (W3-Total Cache or other).

Hi Aigars

Thanks alot!
I have fixed it!