Images not loading on default install

the images aren’t only on the default, I just installed it can you guys log in a check on

Hi @keebu

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. I’m a bit confused about your question, could you give me some more details to help me understand better?


Hello NYStateofHealth@keebu,

It seems you’re experiencing issues with images not loading after installing the Shapely theme on your website. This is a common issue that can be caused by various factors, such as incorrect file permissions, issues with the .htaccess file, or problems with the demo content import process.

Ensure that the image files on your server have the correct file permissions. Typically, image files should have permissions set to 644.
If you have access to your site’s .htaccess file, check for any incorrect rules that might be preventing images from loading.
If you imported demo content, ensure that the process was completed successfully. The Shapely theme relies on widgets, and the regular WordPress Importer doesn’t support widget content. You may need to use the “Widget Importer & Exporter” plugin to import the widget content properly.

If you’re using any caching plugins or your browser cache, clear them to ensure you’re not seeing an outdated version of your site.
Ensure that the image URLs are correct and that they are not pointing to a local environment or an incorrect path.

Remember to back up your website before making any changes, and if you’re not comfortable performing these actions, consider reaching out to a professional developer.

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@christy2951hernandez Thanks for your input, but I’m afraid it’s not related to the issue reported in the topic.