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How can I make the “mobile” menu work when I create a new page. It works on the desktop version but not the mobile version. I have tired using the complete URL that goes back to the index page. That does not work

How can I make the form mail feature on the index page work?

Are you talking about the form in which you fill out your name, email, subject, and click submit? Do you want to make the form email responses to your email? The template only gives you the HTML, so you enable mailing you need to do some work on the backend.

See the first reply here:

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if the HTML page is a one-page template with the scroll feature you may need to customize it to enable links to open for mobile menus since this is HTML template you need to have at least beginner experience to edit it

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The website is under development

Colordog33: I noticed on your website that your have a contact form that submits to an email using mail.php. How did you manage to do that?

Do you mind sharing some code?

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Sure, just look at the source code at the website under development.
I went to the tutorial that Noda recommended.

1). I added code to the index.html page (www, ( <form action=“mail.php” method=“POST” class=“p-5 bg-white”>) Also, I replaced the ID in the form code (id=“fname”) and gave everything a name. i.e., First Name (name=“fname”), Last Name (name=“lname”), Email (name=“email”), etc…
2). I created a mail.php page (www, and
3). a thank you.html page www,

Again, just copy my source code and make the needed modifications to adapt to your form content.

Imagine is a 1-page template. It does scroll. Usually, navigation that works on the desktop should also work on the mobile.
The mobile works on the 1-page index.html page but will not work when a new page is added. The “desktop” navigation DOES WORK on the new pages. Do you have any code modifications for the Imagine template that would allow the menu to work in the mobile format on additional pages?
Adding additional pages to a 1-page template is not uncommon since some content is just not right for the single page format. I’m more than a beginner but I cannot deal with “responsive sites” without a little direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks @colordog33. Unfortunately there is no way for me to view the content of mail.php as it is a script. Do you mind sharing the content of it. Your site looks great, by the way. Also, are you using recaptcha or some other way to ensure you aren’t spammed?

unfortunately I am blocked if I try to send code.


Sure could you email it to [email protected]? Note: that email fowarder will expire in 2 days

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Colordog no, I don’t have such code, it will require customization of the template,

Thank you. I understand it is a new template. You might want to consider having the developer correct this issue.
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Yes, but there is nothing to correct, the theme is coded to work on one-page style and its working, if you want to enhance the functionality you have to add new functionality :slight_smile:


The navbar cuts off a bit of the top of the photo in the home-section when viewing on mobile. Is there a way to fix this problem because it was like that in the template when I downloaded?

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Yes, I can help you in this case, tingtitan, can you please show me example of the problem? please provide a link to the page and steps to replicate your problem



Below is the picture taken from my phone screenshot. As you can see the photo below the navbar got cut off at the top when viewing through mobile. The desktop version does not have that problem. You can view the website at

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this CSS code can help in this case:

@media (max-width: 991.98px){
.img-absolute {
margin-top: 130px;