Imagine Template Problem on menu (Header)

Hi There!

When i try to edit index.html on Adobe Dreamweaver, and click on any options from menu (Home, Features, etc…), the page “jump” to right side.

Can you help me please?


Hi there

" the page “jump” to right side." - not clearly get this point, can you tell me a little bit more?

By the way, you can also use other editors like Notepate ++, Visual studio code and many others,


Hello. Thanks for answering! Sorry, I only use Adobe Dreamweaver to edit my web pages. If you edit the index file of the website “Imagine” in “split” mode (it’s not in the code, it’s in split mode) and click on any part of the menu (Home, Features, etc…), you’ll see that the page literally " jump" to the right side.



Ok, I understand you but Dreamweaver is not only the one code editor, I’m not sure how to even test it because I don’t have a Dreamweaver, most probably conflict or anything like that, I believe if you try some other editor you will not have that problem, or even if you try some other modes.
I think it’s not a critical problem and you can avoid by somehow.