Implications of 4.1 Update?

I’m curious to know how people who use the Sparkling Theme should proceed (or not proceed with) the recent 4.1 update. Will we be adversely affected? Will there be no real perceived difference?

My site is

I’ve made a few css changes to the site and I’ve also done things like move cover photos below blog titles (again - thank you for your help). I do not use child themes.

Do you recommend that we upgrade now? Should we wait?

I read through the documentation and it doesn’t look like an critical security updates are being pushed out.

After the update all images including thumbnails were served with query strings. So pages became slower.

I would love to hear how to serve images without query strings.

site is on

Sorry about my reply: this problem was not due to the new version.

W3Total Cache had a wrong setting.

I experienced no problems after the update opf the theme.


You can feel free to update.

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