Imported Demo Content But it Doesn't Show - No Sections on Home Page

The demo content was uploaded but the different sections never appeared on the front page, even though they are turned on in the Customizer. Any thoughts?

Hey there

let me see it, please provide url of the page

Hi, sorry for the late response. The url is, but it is showing the Coming Soon page. I can not find a way to turn it off.

Please deactivate Comming soon plugin by Colorlib and it will be deactivated, at this moment I can’t see anything, sorry

Sorry about that. The plugin has been deactivated and the home page is now visible at I am still unable to see or add sections to the front page.

Hi @lorin

Yes, I see, you have to set yor homepage from the Settings > Reading and then you will be able to add sections on the homepage from the Appearance > Customize > homepage setting


Thank you! It works now. I am a bit embarrassed that the solution was so simple.

No problem, I’m here for such situations :slight_smile:

Have a good day