Improving Site Speed on Google PageSpeed Insights


We’ve been using your theme to build our website in the past weeks and I have been very happy with it so far.

I relly on Google Speed Insights to measure our PageSpeed and used Astra theme in the past on other websites where they scored around 80-90 on mobile (they are hosted on the same server so server speed has never been an issue for me) I am hoping you can tell me what is stopping my page from ranking higher than 80.
I am using my „empty“ pages that have only the sidebar + footer loading as a reference and they should be scoring around 95% (e.g. Fiat Ducato – EU-Nutzfahrzeuge)
I was wondering if you could recommend your best suggestions for improving the overall speed.

PS. I’m using the plugin W3 Total Cache and have done my best in eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

I just tested your web page, here is result: Monosnap
No words :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. The desktop is OK, I know. But the mobile version is not. And this is what Google will check.


Mobile report is alco acceptable: Monosnap but if no, you can improve this score by optimization of your website, do a google research on optimization



Thank you for your time.

What helped me the most at the end was removing the search bar widget from the sidebar + footer of the website, because it loaded icons that i couldn’t swap or block and at the end slowed down the whole site way too much. I also switched to only using system fonts, as well as converting all pictures to webp format. I hope this helps someone.

My overall speed is still consistently under 70 on mobile, but you can consider my problem as resolved.

Thank you for sharing your experience @Autohaus

I will mark this case as resolved now