In backend, links are not marked anymore

In backend, links are not marked anymore. In frontend they act as normal

Hi there

Sorry, can you please provide a screenshot? not clearly get your question,


Nothing to see on a screen dump, all text are black, and links (href) also. Before they were colored in green, not any more

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Can you please provide link to the affected page? and screenshot with the indicated problem?


As I said

, its backend, but here is the linkk

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Thats backend and I cant view it, can you please publish it?


Hi, yes coz the problem only occur backend.

Hi @bjorne

Ok, thanks, Now I fully understand your problem, they are colored on the fronted; Screenshot by Lightshot but not on the backend.

To test for a plugin conflict, deactivate all third-party plugins. Check if the problem persists. If it’s resolved, a plugin caused the issue. Reactivate them one at a time to identify the problematic one.