In filter by Author page results are wrong

When I click on Author then it goes to that page to filter by author

the problem is, it displays wrong author some author’s post shouldn’t be in other author page

I checked in wordpress dashboard’s show post menu and try filter by author, in dashboard the result is correct

how can I fix this?

After added
/* / /*remove overlay/ .newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-0:after,.newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-1:after, .newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-2:after {

background: rgba(0, 0, 0, .0);

/overlayon hover/ .newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-0:hover:after,.newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-1:hover::after, .newspaper-x-recent-posts > ul > li#newspaper-x-recent-post-2:hover:after {

background: rgba(0, 0, 0, .20);

Some author results are correct but some author is still wrong