Incorrect navigation (.header-navigation) to the blocks

The situation is very strange
Navigation from menu to the respective blocks does not work correctly (even weird).
If first time go to the desired section:


To the desired block transition does not occur (left distance from the top (approximately 60px) - screenshot 1), BUT if I go up to the navigation menu and again click on any of the blocks navigation starts to work CORRECTLY(screenshot 2) o_O
*if you close the page and reload, then the navigation starts to not work properly.
PS: ./#about the only unit to which navigation from the first time works correctly.

I will be very grateful for help!


Sorry for a late reply.

Can you tell us how to recreate this, I tried but couldn’t recreate the issue. Can you tell us in which browser we need to test? Make sure you’re on the latest version of the theme and companion plugins, and disable all the other plugins to see that is plugin issue or not.

Let us know,