Infinite scroll for Pinbin WordPress theme

Reaally nice theme!
Only, there is one thing I miss…
Is it possible to make it load previous posts automatically? (like it does on facebook/twitter etc)
Don’t know if it’s a lot of work or even possible, but if that’s possible, the theme will be PERFECT! :slight_smile:

And i miss the social media icons a little… but not enough to not use this theme eventually

Infinity scroll will be featured in Pinbin v1.5. :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be released sometime next week.

In the next few days you will receive version 1.4. It will improve responsiveness for different devices. It fixes several other CSS related issues.

Social buttons are planned for this theme but I can’t give you exact release date just yet.

Aigars, Thank you for making this theme. It looks beautiful on my laptop and especially on my iphone. Regarding the updated version with infinity scrolling and the option to see “older posts”, I would also like to have that feature. I am re-launching my blog professionally next week. I would love to have that option as I have about 130 posts and I want people to be able to access any of them if needed.


Hi Juan.

hi guys. was looking for a solution here and found one myself.

find paul irish’ infinte scroll plugin:

you can find it through the plugin search in your wp backend as well.

you’ll have to change the css selector for “#content” by “#post-area”. the rest is already a-ok!

sorry for the late reply. was looking for this myself and stumbled across this post. found solution and though i might get back to you :slight_smile:

you can see a working version on my modified pinbin version at

Guys can someone help me. I cannot have Infinite scroll plugin work for me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.