Infinite Scroll Help - how to enable infinite scroll for Sparkling theme

I have tried the non-jetpack infinite-scroll plugin and it didn’t work. When I look at the management page it seems none of the content selectors are defined. I also tried installing jetpack and activated the infinite scroll module. Under reading it said either a footer widget was preventing it from working or that my theme did not support it. I’m using Sparkling with no footer widgets.

After searching further I found a modification I could make to the functions.php file in my child theme that was in the forum for the travelify theme. I copied that and substituted
‘render’ => ‘travelify_theloop’, with
‘render’ => ‘sparkling_theloop’,

Activating the child theme threw an error at that line. I removed the line and left the other two in and it would not work that way either.

Is there anything I can do to get infinite scroll working for Sparkling with either plugin? Could it be because I have a footer menu enabled?


There is absolutely no need for footer widgets to make Jetpack Infinite scroll module to work and also you don’t need to create any custom render either as this theme is not Masonry or any other Javascript based where render would be necessary.

All you need to do is to install and activate Jetpack.
Authorize it using account (it is not the same as
Then activate Infinite scroll module via settings and theme will do the rest.

You don’t need to touch your code at all. You can also see Infinite scroll enabled on our demo website. We use it via “click” method but you can easily change that by changing a single name “click” to “scroll” inside jetpack.php file that you can find in Sparkling folder - inc.

Thank you for the quick response. I did install, activate, and authorize jetpack. I then activated the infinite scroll module. Then, I went to reading under settings and it said in italics that either a footer widget was preventing it from working or that my theme was not compatible. I have no footer widgets and I know from the documentation and demo that your theme does indeed support it. I’m kind of stumped. I’m only using a handful of other plugins, all are pretty normal and popular - nothing standouts out as an obvious culprit for incompatibility with infinite scroll. Any ideas? Is there a more detailed error somewhere or a debug option?

Thanks in advance.

Have you modified theme files such as attempting to modify footer copyright info or done some other modification in code?

If not, you can still try to reinstall this theme as it might be that some files or some parts of code are missing. Infinite scroll does work by default and there is no need for footer widgets to be enabled/disabled and it should still work just fine.

Thanks Aigars, I got it working. I had modified the footer so that the copyright info would appear on two lines instead of one hoping it would give my footer menu more room and keep it from wrapping. I don’t think I did it right. Once i set it back to normal infinite scroll worked immediately. Thank you for the help and thanks for the great theme.

Hi, I did as directed. I installed Jetpack, connected it to my account and also changed the jetpack.php file from click to scroll. Still I can’t get infinite scroll to work. My website which I am developing is I am using a child theme of sparkling.

For example, I would want to have infinite scroll on as this is a pretty long article.

Kindly advise.



Unfortunately, that’s not how infinite scroll works. Infinite scroll works to load posts as you scroll down. You have just one post, so there is nothing else to load. There is no workaround for this either because text can be loaded as you scroll. Images could be loaded or separate posts could be loaded but not one long article.


If website performance is what bothers you, then you might want to implement cache for your website. Some great cache plugins for WordPress can be found here.

Not true! I’m using Sparkling theme + Jetpack enabled and Infinite Scroll is not working. Besides, even your demo page doesn’t have infinite scroll.

Previously, with WP’s Fifteen Theme everything worked, but now with Sparkling, instead of an infinite scroll there’s a “Load more posts” button. Infinite scroll works when a visitor is scrolling and the next posts are automatically loaded, no buttons/clicks involved.

I already changed “click” method to “scroll” inside jetpack.php without any luck. Can you provide an answer similar to the one you gave to Tavelify theme but now for the Sparkling theme?

So the question persists: “how to enable infinite scroll for Sparkling theme?”


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