Inquiries about the functionality of WordPress News Paper X theme

I posted a lot of content on 1 “post” in WordPress.

However, I can’t check the entire ported text on my website.
( 제품정보 – 캠핑은처음이지? (
I tried everything I could click on, but I couldn’t see what I wrote.

I hope when I click like your website, I can see the whole post I made.

I want the “more” feature of the “How to Make a WordPress Website – Step…” topic that you can see on the first(Colorlib - Blog) page of your website.

What should I do?

Do you need my approval?

hi @jewook
you just search for it on youtube and watch some tutorials about it and also follow the colored blog guide its helps you

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Hey there

Thanks for your reply @BuynBlue

I will mark this case as resolved now