Inquiry about copyright

How are you all
I have a question about the copyright of website templates
Since I would like, with Allah Almighty’s help, to create a YouTube channel in order to code and program the templates.
But my question is: Does this act violate the copyright of colorlib?
As I would like, after completing the design of the site, to upload it to the github repository
And upload it to hosting, is this allowed?


If you want to remove copyright from your copy of template, you need a license, mo matter where you upload it :slight_smile:

Well, you mean to buy the ultimate plan? , in this case I can delete the rights and nothing happens to my channel?

Additional question: If, for example, I want to code the design and publish the explanation on my YouTube channel, is there any problem? Of course while preserving the design rights in the footer

¿The license is for life?

Yes, thats it

Second question - No problem

@yarimdost ok, that’s nice :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will close this case for now, feel free to stat a new conversation