insert WD Slider in activello

Because of limitations to the built in slider in activello, we have created a new slider with WD Slider. It is easy to disable the Activelo slider but we cant figure out where to insert the new one. We want it exactly in the same spot that the activello one was. We asked WD Support and they replied;

“WD Support wrote:
In the case you want to replace the slider in the header, you just need to place the PHP Function of the Slider that you have created via Slider WD in the theme header.php file
Meanwhile, please, switch off the theme default slider.
Thanks. Have a wonderful day.
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We have no idea where the “theme header .php” is. And honestly I am not sure that person was familiar with Actively.

thanks so much for all your help. Things are getting more beautiful all the time

Hi @rodsho,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You will find header.php file on the following path in your WordPress setup directory


But please wait, you don’t need to edit header.php file to change slider instead you have to use attached chils theme of activello theme that contains following code in its functions.php file.

function activello_featured_slider() {
	// Add WD Slider code here

You have to download attached child theme, extract the zip file, edit its functions.php file and add WD Slider code in the place where is written “// Add WD Slider code here” in the above code.

Then again zip the child theme directory and activate it on your site.

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