Instagram and Counter changing option


I want to know two things,
1.How do I add Instagram feature to my theme and is there any way where it can also link my instagram posts and show them on the site?

  1. How do I change the final number that appears in the counter?

Hello Shreyabondre,

At the current moment Illdy theme only support this 3 social services for the team members. To add the Instagram option it would require extensive custom work, as it has to be added to the widget and also the customizer. I will track your request and consider to add more social services in the upcoming theme updates.

To add instagram posts, I would suggest to get the code snippet and add it inside Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets > Footer Sidebar inside a Text Widget, should do the trick.

To change the stats counter numbers you need to go to Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Counter > Front Page Counter Sidebar > Add a Widget > Select Illdy Counter > Input your own values