Installed Shapely and Demo Content, now what?


Thank you for the great forum and themes!

My question, I installed Shapely because it was my favorite theme. I also set up the demo content and it looks great! Now this is where I come to a lot of difficulty and have been searching the web with no help…

How do I change the images and text in the Shapely demo to my custom content?

For example, starting with the “Front Page” - I would like a different main image than the demo content and I would like to change the text that appears over the main image. When I click on Pages -> Front Page -> Edit Page, there is nothing but text that does not appear on the Front Page when I view it. I feel like I am missing a big piece here but cannot find my answer anywhere.

I don’t expect someone to walk me through how to use Wordpress, but is there a tutorial somewhere that can help me change the images and add the text I want? I feel like once I figure out the Front Page, the rest will start to make sense.

Thank you!

Hi @cateb,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You will find information about this on the following page.

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