Instantly Confused!

I started using Google Blogger in 2017, then gave up on it because I couldn’t get Google to index my blog. I took SEO courses, to no avail. Recently, I’ve been seeing that it has finally been indexed (it shows up in search results), so I decided to try using it again.

I wanted to try Shutter, and successfully got started using the Restore feature per instructions. I don’t see terms and conditions anywhere. Can I use it with Google Blogger’s Adults Only feature?

And I can’t find access to the Dashboard anywhere. Oh, is it because I need to go to the original Goggle Blogger URL, not my URL that forwards to the blog?

Hey there,

I have received your message and understand your situation, but I am curious about how it relates to our services?


I read “37 Best Free Blogger Templates 2024” by Aigars Silkalns dated December 24, 2023, on your colorlib dot com website. Number 8 is called Shutter and is described as “a creative photography portfolio Blogger templates with a large slider area on top. It has everything you imagine on a premium template, except this one is free. How cool is that?” I downloaded it from there.

Is it not your product?