Interesting to purchase a template, have some questions first

Hello, Colorlib Team

The company I am working for are about to open to resort-hotel, and we are looking for a Hotel Premium Theme when we came across this; Colorlib | Free Bootstrap Website Template

We like the design of this template very much. However, since admittedly we had not yet bought a Premium Theme before, so we do have some concerns and inquiries that would like to be answered.

First - Does the Premium Themes for Colorlib website come with it own Online Booking System/Plugin & Payment Gateways? Or those would need to require additional purchasing from either here or somewhere else

Second - We are interested in Lifetime price, and admittedly, it is lowered here than one we consider in Motorpress. That said since we are inexperienced in this; from what I understand once we purchased either Membership or Lifetime, we do gain access to all Themes here?

Third - Not sure if it’s matter, but we are building our website on Wordpress


Hey there

“come with it own Online Booking System/Plugin & Payment Gateways” - No, there is no such system, its only html template and you need to implement backend

“Second - We are interested in Lifetime price, an” - Here is the license rules, please kindly review them and find the best option for you:

Third - Its an HTML template, you cant use it on Wordpress :slight_smile:

how html template use in wp need help?

hi there

HTML can not be used in the WordPress as theme, it can be used only as a HTML

i have some questions too

  1. if i purchased the single website html template, does the template include admin page to edit the entire article/or website element?
  2. how i can get step by step tutorial / or documentation for that template?

Hi there

Thanks for the interest

  1. No, it’s an HTML template, id does not have any backend side
  2. You only need to know HTML/CSS to make edits, we don’t include documentation because our templates are require only basic knowledge of the HTML/CSS


is there any guarantee if the template run properly on hosting? so if the error occurred, just share the error message on the forum?


Well, again, it’s an HTML template, you will get an exact copy of the demo and it will run on any kind of server :slight_smile:
yes, you will also get the support, that is why I’m here