Invalid purchased Template: missing the style.css stylesheet

I just purchased Marimar tempolate and my money was taken but the downloaded template is not working when installed.

Please, I need prompt assistance as I need to quickly finish designing the website and hand over to clkient.

Nnadi Dumkenenna
IT/PR Expert
[email protected]

Hi there

Its not a wordpress theme, its HTML template and you cant install it in the Wordpress

Ok, so what do I do with it?
I really do not know what to do with it at the moment.


There is nothing to do, you can continue using the template you have :slight_smile:

I cant. Thats the point.
Its not working.
Not valid cos I only use and design on wordpress.
You aleady stated its not for that but for HTML.

So, I cant make use of it.


I understand you, but we don’t have WordPress theme of that template and it was not described as a WordPress theme.

You can ask for refund by the contact us page