Is it possible to have a page with three columns?


First I’m absolutely loving this theme! The site I’m building tough has a page that needs to be in three columns, so is it possible to do this? Basically a page with three distinct columns, not side bars, so i can add say a Facebook feed to one, category posts to one, and just general text and info to the other. this page will be the static front page of a site I’m working on.

Thanks –

Use Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes that we have also included in our theme demo which you can see here.

Alternatively, for static homepage you get 3 widget areas where you can add anything there, so make sure to publish a blank page for front page and use those Homepage Widgets to add 3 columns.

Will this work on the Travelify theme? I noticed the tag Sparking was listed but I thought I asked this under the Travelify area. Just checking. Thanks.

Ok, my bad. Sorry about that.

This plugin will work with Travelify theme as well but my above mentioned approach with Home page widgets will not work as there are no dedicated widgets for front page. Plugin method will get the job done, so no problem with that.

Can you give more info on the plugin method.

Since this plugin is not developed by ourselves I strongly recommend to look into official plugin documentation.