Is it possible to use the "Tyche Products" widget and still display the products below each other instead of having a product slider

Hi all,
I’m pleased with the UI of the “Tyche products” widget which I also want to use on my website, but, when I have more than 4 products (in a category), or when I down size my browser screen, than the widget adds a slider and all the other products are not visible until the user clicks on the arrow buttons.

Is it possible that the slider is disabled and that the products will be displayed below each other.

So let’s say I have 12 products which I want to display on the home page by using the “Tyche Products” widget UI. Then I want to have it like this:

Pict1 Pict2 Pict3 Pict4
Pict5 Pict6 Pict7 Pict8
Pict9 Pict10 Pic11 Pict12

Instead of this:
Arrow left Pict1 Pict2 Pict3 Pict4 Arrow Right

Hey there

Thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Im sorry but such a thing is not possible without customization of the existing widget, this is not possible only by CSS code because the layout needs to be redesigned from the ground up :slight_smile: