Is this theme working with Visual Composer?

I have install this theme on my site but I can’t get the plugin Visual Composer to work. All the other themes that I have installed works great with Visual Composer.

What can be wrong? I have tried to unactive all other plugins.
The site is “offline” so can’t give you a link to see.

No error in the console.

Hello @delit,

First of all, thank you for the interest in our themes.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that you can handle visual composer shortcodes in the customizer fields.
As you see, it should render as code while the customizer field treat the shortcode as text.

My first suggestion would be to add the Visual Composer shortcode in a text widget, it might do the trick.

Let me know if this got you forward with the setup.

I don’t think that there’s any incompatibilities between the theme and the plugin, just that you cannot use the plugin shortcodes to the illdy customizer homepage. You should be able to create other pages with visual composer. If not, I will start an investigation of this and provide support for the plugin.


Hi Ion

It’s not the customizer fields, it’s the static page on the homepage (see image below). It looks like the page is breaking html and css code. It does not look good.

So if I want a field/page on the homepage where I can put more information (not just the theme standards) how do I do that?

Hello @delit,

The theme is built only with the current sections in mind, there’s no possible way to add new homepage sections unless you do some custom coding in the core files.

An alternative would be to use text widgets to take care of your HTML and CSS in one of the sections that you are not using, otherwise you need to custom code any additional sections.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.