Is TikTok logo available in Cleaning Company's Font Awesome?


I wanted to add the TikTok logo in the navigation & Footer of Cleaning Company template:

I tried changing the code from:
class=“fa fa-twitter”
class=“fa fa-tiktok”

But it fails. Looks like it is not available in Font Awesome.
Or is there a way to use the TikTok logo?


Hi there

Probably you need to update font awesome font files in the template in order to get tik tok icon



I removed the old stylesheet link from the HEAD and replaced it with the:

script: src=“” crossorigin=“

If you register at FontAwesome you can get your own kit for free and the number to fill in at xxxxxxx.
(max 10K visitors/month)

Works Awesome now!

Yes, that’s it :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your solution