Is tyche equiped to handle multisite?

I have been changing the theme and made a link to another (sub)site inside my site. When I click on the link it goes back to the first site instead of jumping to the sub site. I wonder why.

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Interesting, to better be able to assist you;
Could you provide a URL to both main site and subsite?
Along with the URL that would lead to the subsite from the main site.

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The url of the main site is
The url of the subsite is
At the top of the screen there is a link saying “kies een ander bedrijf”. This link should lead to the site voorbeeldtest,
but it does not work somehow. It gets back to the site where is was,
The link is as follows: Kies een ander bedrijf
I have put that link in front-page.php just before <?php get_header ();
I have tried several other places to but with the same result.
I hope you have a solution.
Regards, Piet.

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For some reason, the link is set to “”. Please try changing the link to “

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That does not matter. The link should go to where I send it. I have now changed it but it does not make any difference.
After I click on the link it returns with and it ignores the referral to the subsite.
I don’t understand why it does that.
I put in href=“” and it simply does not do that. Is there anything in the css that I overlook or something?
I look forward to your answer.

Regards, Piet.

Sorry to have bothered you, but I found the solution myself.
The difference was htpp://arnhemshoppingmall… and http://www.arnhemsh
I just had to add the www and all was well.
Thank you for taking the trouble.

Best regards, Piet.

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Nice, to hear your problem is fixed:) Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
Feel free to contact us again Thanks!