Is Tyche theme discontinued?

Hi and first of all thanks for offering this wonderful theme just for free. I used this theme about 2 years ago and it worked very well for a prototype and I thought I could use it now for a real project. However, I have just tried to install it and load the demo data and widgets (the links are broken [1]) then… I have checked the github repository and the last commit was from February 2019 and it was just a documentation’s translation fix. Woocommerce templates have also some issues [3] and so on (you’re still using jquery and some other “libraries” that are not so common nowadays). You have been answering in the forums as a automatic robot with something like “thank you for the warning, we’ll check it and we’ll try to fix it” but you are not doing anything about these issues. It’s a normal situation, I’ve been collaborating in some free software projects and when you don’t get anything, I mean, neither money nor feedback, you will finally abandon the project. I understand it perfectly.The question is “is that worth use tyche right now?” If you’re going to fix the issues, or you are going to implement a PR sysem in order to allow others to fix them then… mmmm it would be worth it.

Thank you very much for all.

[1] Tyche demo xml and widget download problem
[2] Demo link invalid - #2 by aigars-silkalns
[3] I’m not able to post 3 links

Hey there

Thank you for the question and sorry for the inconvenience,
The project is not abandoned, but currently, we have some problem with the development phase and fixing of current problems of the theme, those problems are reported and we hope soon they will be fixed

New download links for the theme demo content and widgets:

After adding the xml file, some of the contents fails to be downloaded and installed. Is there any update?


We fixed all the issues on our GitHub repo, please try this version of the theme:

Thank you for the reply. I tried the version you have sent but some of the media fail to be imported. Please see the attached picture.


Ok, I see but they are all Woocommerce products, are you sure Woocommerce was activated before demo import?
If yes then I will report this as a bug

I double-checked it, yes Woocommerce is activated.


Sorry about that, I just submitted this as a bug report here: Demo import is not working · Issue #72 · ColorlibHQ/tyche · GitHub

Hey, Please use this file for now. we will update it on the live server soon.

Also, Please update txt with XML as the XML file is not supported here so I’ve changed the file extension.

please also check - Template for wordpress: Tyche Failed to import Media files: The remote server returned an unexpected result: Not Found (404) · Issue #71 · ColorlibHQ/tyche · GitHub

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