Issue accessing Widgets


I’m having an issue with accessing widgets in the dashboard. I receive this information:

Array to string conversion in /home/platne/petsitterkrakow/public_html/goldenpets/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2202

and the code in wp-includes on line 2202 is:

function get_calendar( $initial = true, $echo = true ) {
global $wpdb, $m, $monthnum, $year, $wp_locale, $posts;

**$key   = md5( $m . $monthnum . $year );**
$cache = wp_cache_get( 'get_calendar', 'calendar' );

if ( $cache && is_array( $cache ) && isset( $cache[ $key ] ) ) {

Website link:
Please, help.

Hi there

I already see widgets on your website? what is the version of PHP?


Update: PHP is now 8.0.

I struggled importing the widgets as well as demo content. I am not sure if I did something wrong but I am still not able to access them from the dashboard through Appearance > Widgets.

Hi @justwar

Sorry but the theme is not tested yet on PHP 8, so, I don’t recommend to use that version of PHP yet