Issue with about links in Knuford template

Just purchased the Knuford template and the links in the About section: About me, Skills & Experience (which are tabs) do not work properly. When I click them the tabs change, but the page scrolls to the top which is really annoying.

I’m using a Mac with Safari (unfortunate unable to check other browsers).

Can you fix this?

Hi there

May I see it? please provide URL of the problematic page.


Or also on preview page:

Bump, any idea how to fix it? @colorlibsupport

Hi there

Sorry for the delay, I can only report this problem to the developer, however I cant say when this will be fixed

No need anymore, fixed it myself.

Also fixed an issue where the menu on mobile stays open after clicking on a link (not sure why that would be nice).

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating us