issue with header text + logo

thanks for this nice theme.
Unfortunately, I’m having an issue with header text + logo: When I add a logo image to the header, the Site Title gets lost.
I’d then also like to center the whole thing (logo, site title + description).
Please how can this be resolved?

It is expected behavior for this theme. There is no option to ad everything. YOu can either choose logo, Title, or Title + Description.

To add all these things in the header you will have to get your hands dirty and use some HTML/PHP/CSS. Here are similar forum topics about this:

Hi Aigars,
I’m trying to do this to, and can’t find header-extensions.php. I also can’t find a library or structure folder. You must have moved things around?
Great theme!

Open file called header-extensions.php located in theme folder -> library -> structure and add the following code on line 223 right after closing</h1>tag.

Nothing is moved around and this file is in the same location but it can be accessed only via FTP and not via WordPress dashboard. For FTP you can use FileZilla or other popular FTP clients.

Thanks very much for the super speedy reply! I’m using FTP, the only directories in wp-content/themes/sparkling are /inc and /languages.
I just updated to Sparkling 1.4.0. Am I missing something?

Yes, this thread is to completely different theme. :slight_smile:

Please create a new thread in the right category and I will try to help you from there.

oops. will do - thanks.