Issue with images for slider, posts and thumbnails


I’m using your theme in this site but even though I use the image size for the slide as recommended (1920x550) in the posts the images are not automatically resizing. And same issue happens in the thumbnails.

Can you please help to solve this?
I’m open to change the width of the columns in case that would help to give the site a better look.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

I can only see coming soon page, can you please disable it?
Are you using JetPack plugin?


Sorry about that, “coming soon” disabled.
No, I´m not using JetPack plugin.


Sorry, but that’s how it works, I see your main problem is text that is cropped for images, please note, adding a text on the images is not a good idea


In the documentation from this theme you say that the feature images for the posts would be resized, which is not happening in my case, that is my point:

" 8. Recommended Image Sizes

Featured Image (Blog and Single Post) is set to 750 by 410 pixels.
Featured Slider Images. Personally I use 1920 by 550 pixel images for Sparkling Demo but you can feel free to use any other image size. Images won’t be scaled and you will get what you upload.

Please note! Images for slider is not resized and are displayed the same size you uploaded them. Other images such as featured images for posts are resized automatically as you upload them."

I´ve used this theme as well as these images in a local host as a test and it worked fine.
Now I have deleted the local host otherwirse I would have showed you the printscreens.

How can it be fixed?

Since I´m getting no feedback I have to ask again.
I´ve just intalled it all in my localhost and here are the print screens using the exat same images as I have in my site.
View from homepage

View from categoty page (in menu as “Preguntas frequentes”)

View from the post

Why is this not working in the live website?


I cant say why until I check it, so, please provide access details of your website in a private message and I will verify it


Just sent you the info.

Hi there, any update on this issue?

Hi there and sorry for the delay

From what I see everything is working as its coded, for example, on our demo:

you see slider images are also cropped for blog posts by 750*410 px, and you have a exact same feature, the problem for you is that you have a text on your images and those texts are cropped,

If you want to change this there is a function in functions.php file and you need to adjust the size of the featured image. line 66


Honeslty, this is not making any sense to me.
I just showed the same images used in my localhost and everything looks fine.
Exact same image with the text and nothing is cropped, the image is resized as it says in the documentation for this theme.
Why does it works on the localhost but not on the live version?

Hi there

Im sorry, I cant say anything about your localhost but our demo is best reference, you can compare your live website, its exact same and you also have a solution about how to change it