Issue with Images in slider


Thank You very much for the theme. I love this theme. The only issue I am facing is about slider. My blog gets images of different resolutions (close to 720p). The first problem is that slider changes its height as per image height and another problem is that it adjusts width according to image width. It looks very bad. I don’t want to adjust or crop my images to same resolution as you had said before (1920 x 550). I want to insert them as it is.

I researched a lot about flexslider and I think this problem is faced by many. I want the image to be filled in slider. Now I am trying to find an option or plugin or build bootstrap responsive slider of my own.

Please help

Hi @grahesh,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please share me your site URL where you are using the slider having different image sizes so that i can help you to make the slider not to adjust according to images sizes?

Kind Regards,

Hi @movin

I am well. Thank You.

Right now what I did was made the image full width and cropped the height while displaying image in slider using css overflow method. The problem which occurs is that it now crops the image and I might loose important part of image. You will understand more when you view the link.

Here is the link to my site: Kashmir Unheard

Hi @grahesh,

I could confirm on your site that the images are cropped due to the changes you made in it.

Could you please revert these changes so that i can see how the slider is changes according to image size and helps you to make it not to adjust according to images sizes?