Issue with Jumbotron text and button

Hello colorlib team,

I’ve been working on getting a new site setup with the Illdy theme, but I’ve ran into three different issues.

The first of the 3 titles for the Jumbotron isn’t showing up in the actual site, but is present in the customization menu. I’ve fixed it for now by changing the title of the site itself to the phrase that I was hoping to have in the first title spot, but this is at best a temporary fix. I would like to rename the title of the page to home once again, but if I do so now it will change the first of the 3 titles in the Jumbotron as well.

I’ve also had a problem getting the transparent button in the Jumbotron to appear on the live site, even though it’s showing up while customizing things.

Lastly, I’ve updated the CSS to change the color of the text boxes for the contact form, but the text box that users enter their request in has resisted the change. The rest of the text boxes have changed just fine, but I now have a single box that is outlined in orange, despite the CSS change.

Sorry for the long post, but I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you.


First of all, thank you for the interest in our themes!

Both first and second issue seems to be related to default information not showing on the live website.
I’ll paste the issue #3 from FAQ:

To avoid injecting default information as live content, the demo content only serves as guideline to set up your own widgets information.

All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

Replacing the missing content with new one will regenerate it on the live website.

As for the contact form changes, try using an !important tag for your CSS and see if there’s any improvement. It should look like this:

input { color: black !important; }

If this is not working, please provide the website link and I’ll do my best to further assist you with this.