Issue with missing theme file

Hi there,

I tried downloading the free theme fashe, and it came back saying "
zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

Can you please send me the actual theme file so I can install and use it?


This is the theme link: Fashe - Free Shopify eCommerce Theme - Colorlib

Hi there

Thanks for updating us :slight_smile:


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Hi no problem!

Thanks for looking into this. Could you please confirm back as soon as the theme is fixed so I can download and start using? Thank you!


Well, you will get an update notificaiton once we update the theme


Hi there, just checking in - do you have any updates? I am hoping to download the fixed theme as soon as possible. Thanks

Hi there

Sorry but not yet, usually it takes some time ((

Hello, I’m just checking in. Has the theme issue been resolved yet? I’d love to start using the theme as soon as possible. Thanks

Hi there

Can you please try it again?
and make sure you are not uploading downloaded file, unzip it and find the Fashe folder inside


Hi thanks it’s working now. Love the theme.

Quick question, how can I increase the logo size through the website settings? I made my logo large on a designing tool but on web version it’s tiny. Normally there is a sliding scale to increase logo size? Thanks

Hi there

Let me see it, please provide url of the website and I will check it