Issue with 'radios' template player, please help :)

Hi guys

I have downloaded the ‘radios’ template (Radios - Best Radio Website Template 2021 - Colorlib) and I have placed an order for a licence too.

The issue is with the circleaudioplayer in the home page. It will play without any problems on all desktop browsers.

But it’s not working properly on mobile phones. The ‘play’ icon of the player is not displaying on my iphone, I can see a loading half circle instead.

The player displays correctly on Samsung Galaxy, but once you hit ‘play’ it won’t switch to ‘pause’, it remains on ‘play’. It’s faulty.

This is my website:

I have not touched the javascript file ‘circleaudioplayer’, all I have changed is the background color. Nothing that would impact its functionality.

I did buy the licence because I thought it would work 100% on mobile phones too.

Can you please help? Let me know if you need any more info. my email: [email protected]

thank you

Dear Noda

apologies, the wrong website was displaying on my domain yesterday. Please do check now at:

Same issue with the circleaudioplayer as described in previous post. It’s not working on mobile phones. Either not loading on iphone, or it’s faulty on Samsung, with a faulty play-pause functionality.

please let me know :slight_smile:

thank you

I just answered in second ticket, please don’t duplicate your tickets, this makes support process very complicated