Issue with the size of images at homepage and the AMP

Recently, Google search console is noticing me that the images post are wrong for the AMP. I need largest images. The problem is that if I put more large images, they didn’t show well in the home page (they are cut off and it didn’t show the hole image as I need because they are cover books).
The website is
Attached image, the first with the appropriate size is cut. The others with a size not suitable for AMP, they look whole.
What size should I put so that they are well whole and suitable for AMP?
Thank you.

Hey there

Thank you for reporting this, what I can do in this case is that I will redirect this problem do our developer and it may be fixed in the future updates, unfortunately, I can’t provide any workaround at this moment

Thank you anyway,
please send it to the developer.

Thank you for understanding

I will close this case right now, you can check our updates