Issues with Envira Gallery Plugin

Hi folks,

am I the only one, or does anyone else have the same problem?
I don´t know, when it started but I can´t use the Envira Gallery Plugin any longer due to some strange behaviours:
On some pages the gallerys show up but dissapear after a page reolad. On other pages they are kind of invisible. And when I klick of an “invisible picture” it shows up.

Can´t provide a link right now, because of this. I switched to another theme temporarily.
Would like to return to Shapely very much…


Hi Nagra

thanks for choosing Shapely, may I know what exactly is the problem? how can I replicate it?
any chance to verify it on your website?
Its also a good idea to contact plugin support, they usually have better experience when it comes to the theme conflict


Nops i am not facing any issue, few hours ago i just used plugin working fine. deactivate and install it again,

Thanks for your replys.

Okay, I switched back temporarily to Shapely (1.2.15), so that I can show it to you.

Latest version of Wordpress
PHP 8-1 or 8-2 (no difference)
Envira Gallery lite
Firefox 108.0.2 for Mac

Unfortunately the behaviour of the pages that have gallerys changes from time to time here, due to cleaning the browser cache I suppose.

So when you can see a gallery where none should be, please reload the page to see if it dissapears.

Most of the time it is like this:
Gallery shows up for the blink of an eye and then dissappears/ is invisible, but the pictures can be displayed by clicking on them.
Gallery shows up, but dissappears after a page reload.
Gallery shows up on this page, but it dissapears after a page reload.
Gallery shows up on this page, but it dissapears after a page reload.
Gallery DOES show up and DOES NOT DISSAPPEAR after a page reload.
I think this is the only page with a gallery that works like it should.

When I switch to another theme the problems are gone and all my gallerys are displayed properly.

I already contacted the support of Envira Gallery and I was told to deactivate the option „lazy loading“ in the settings, what I did in every of my gallerys. But it had no effect.

Here is my thread over at ENVIRAS:

The problem was declared Resolved when I reported, that after switching to any other theme, everything worked well.

Any help is appreciated


Hi there

Can you please lower your PHP version below 8.0 ? from what I know Envara is not ready for that version.
Please also start a support ticket with Envira gallery, I also tried it on my test case and I don’t have any problem with this plugin

Let me know the results

I just went back to PHP version 7-4 which made no difference. The gallerys vanish after a page reload.
And as I wrote - switching to any other theme solves the problem. That is why Envira already closed the case. I mentioned that too.
So there is no need to start another ticket, in my opinion.

Somehow there is a strange thing going on in my specific configuration here…

Thanks for taking the time.
I will use another theme at this point.


Hi Nagra

Sad to hear that but if there is no other way :frowning:
If you still need any assistance I’m here, I can also investigate it further if you provide admin details in a private


Thanks for the kind offer :slightly_smiling_face:


You are always welcome Nagra

Have a good day