Italian translation update

I just wanted to share my fixed Italian translation for this theme. I noticed there were some problems with the “Search…”, “Older posts” and “Newer posts” strings, which were still in English and could’t be translated or modified in the Italian MO and PO files. I fixed these entries using the original “sparkling.pot” as a reference. Perhaps the file was just too old and there were non-functional references to older versions of Sparkling.
It’s basically the same as the “old” translation (which is very good, thus I don’t want to steal the credits!), but more accurate: apart from fixing those entries, I translated everything that hadn’t been translated yet (strangely, a lot of fuzzy entries were in spanish).
Please don’t worry about the language. It’s legit Italian, and I have a Degree in Languages and Literatures :).

I hope it will be useful.

P.S. Thank you: your theme is wonderful and perfect for my project :).

Hi @federico,

I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here by sharing the Italian translation.

I have notified the theme developer about this.

Your help here is really appreciated.