Jackson template and smart phone viewport

I would purchase the Jackson template if it would work properly on mobile devices.

Without modifying any code, the left sidebar will not display correctly on mobile device (smart phone).

Each attempt to scroll down (for example, to access hyperlinks near the bottom of the list makes the right panel slide over instead.

The colorlib footer with copyright also seems to float in this left sidebar.

All of these can even be viewed on your preview by choosing the smallest viewport device from the top bar

fix it and i will buy it!

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
Relating to your query here, I do not seem to trace any issues with the template display on mobile. Could you please provide us with a screencast on the exact issue here. You can use such a tool (http://useloom.com).

I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,


The attached screenshot file shows the colorlib footer floating over the left nav menu.
The left nav will not scroll down; it will only load the right content pane.

device is samsung s4.

I also took a screen snip from IE of the preview of Jackson direct from the Colorlib website “brokenJackson.png” attached.

Both screen shots show the colorlib copyright footer floating with the nav menu in the left nav bar.

Every attempt to scroll down the left nav bar (size your viewport to cell phone size) does not allow scrolling, it only slides to the right content panes.

you also seem to have mebbe a redirect issue - tech mag keeps loading intermittently when trying to load the preview of the jackson, and other templates.

All the stuff on colorlib looks great - I would be a happy paying customer if the bugs were worked out!