Jetpack Gallery wont display Full Width on Front Page

Hi, I have reviewed the docs and the support forum and have not found a solution that works for me. Currently I am trying to add a jetpack mosaic gallery full width. It only displays on a small portion of the screen (image attached). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Adam

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Please refer to the solution posted in this forum:

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Hi, thank you so much for such a quick response! I have tried every method listed.

1.) change functions.php
2.) use code snippets (from jetpack support and colorlib)
3.) using a plugin to adjust max-width

I have tried using the console and code inspectors to find what is causing this to no eval. Any further help would be appreciated.

I have found this code for the row that is causing the issue. Unfortunitly the width and height seem to be inline. I have tried using css with “!important” to override but it does not work.