jetpack settings can not find settings as in video shown

Hi I am completely new to Today is my second day. found it very nice your template and was yesterday seeing your videos (are very helpful to not get sticked into, especially because they are short… and you could repeat what you need again and again)
but my jetpack is really different… there are no settings shown… come up like you have to register… and so I could not follow the next steps on your video …

that is shown…

Bienvenido a Jetpack
Please connect to or create a account to start using Jetpack. This will enable powerful security, traffic, and customization services.
Conectar Jetpack
No account? Create one for free…
could you help please… thanks in advance…
I will have a look more to logo etc. because I was not the only one so I guess I will check it out… txs petra

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

You need to create a WordPress account to use the Jetpack plugin. Please go to the following link to make your account:

Also, as a word of information, please do not send your login credentials to anyone on publicly. If you need to provide access to your WordPress admin panel, please do so in a private message.

Best Regards,