Jetpack's Tiled Mosaic Gallery


First a word of hail: it’s a great theme! Now, a question. I’ve installed WP Jetpack plugin to use it’s tiled mosaic gallery. I created a new full width page (no sidebar). I’ve inserted a gallery via jetpack and it’s almost perfect. The problem is that the gallery itself is not full width but 640px. I looked at jetpack’s forums and found out that it’s the problem with ‘content_width’ set up in themes functions.php. I’ve looked in Illdy’s functions.php and found that it is set to 640px. Why so if the rest of the widths in css file are set to 100%?
What would be the safest ‘content-width’ setting? Any ideas? Or maybe there is another workaround of this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hello @nashaden,

I’m having some trouble to understand the exact issue, can you please provide me the website link to see a live preview?

Thank you

I’m having a similar issue. The content width of my Jetpack gallery is very small and not centered. How can I change this?

Also, Is there a way to increase the height on the Counter Sidebar?

Link to site:

Thank you!