jQuery CORs error

I’m trying to implement the following jQuery to a custom CSS and I’m getting a CORs error:

       jQuery( "#button-left" ).append( "<style>#button-left label{background-color: green;}</style>" );
       jQuery( "#button-right" ).append( "<style>#button-left label{background-color: red;}</style>" );

It appears to be some sort of problem with gstatic, maybe Google Fonts?

Custom CSS fields is not means for any other code than CSS.

Add your custom code inside header.php or footer.php or install some plugin that can be used for custom code output in header and footer.

The script written is outputting in the footer.


2 Option Buttons

Just below this text is what the Jquery is effecting.

I resolved my issue with the above code. Poor coding by me.

I’m curious as to why the CORs error exists. I’m reading as though it’s an issue with google.