Jumbotron and Blog image sized wrong on Mobil- other page headers okay

Hi! I love this theme! I have seen all the issues about nonresponsive Jumbotron and header images on mobile. I added the suggested code and it worked lovely on my page headers, but my Jumbotron and blog headers are still skewed. It’s the same image for all headers (jumbotron, all page headers as featured image, and blog.) I want it to display the same across the entire site. What am I doing wrong?
You can see the issue here (only on mobil)


Hi @jackria736,

I love how you customize our theme. It seems that on mobile the image is looking perfect, but on desktop indeed it looks skewed.

I saw also that you used this css code, but you will need to correct from 5000px to 1024px, like this

@media only screen and (max-width: 1024x)
#header {
   background-attachment: fixed;