Jumbotron Background Video is Above Title and Buttons

Alright so I did have an issue where I couldn’t change the colors or image/background in the Jumbotron, but somehow it managed to fix itself through the night. I do have a new issue now though:

When I upload a video into the background it pushes the Title/Logo/Buttons down below the video. I need it to overlay on-top of video. Any idea what the problem could be?


Good evening

Hey, its ok for me, title is above the video and not bellow, can you show me a screenshot?

Really? That’s weird. I attached how it looks on my end, I had to zoom out to 50% to fit all of it in. But yah The video is above the title and buttons on my end and also there is a pause button option.

I’m on a 23" monitor, when I login to my laptop it is fine so It must be display size. Any idea on how to accommodate for different display sizes? I’ll be figuring out mobile and tablet later on but I want to make sure that This’ll fit all computer displays

Good morning

First of all, you need a better video :wink:
this one is not wide enough to cover your screen