Jumbotron Buttons-how use to scroll to another location on page

I am using Idyll developing a one page theme. I would like to use the two buttons in the Jumbotron section to scroll down and stop on the Title for a Section (eg: “Contact Us”).

I tried using Scroll to ID widget but it stops in the center of section not at beginning.

I tried using the #contact-us but don’t think I used it correctly. If someone can show me how to correctly do it that would be awesome. I see lots of folks have figured it out, but none of the posts say exactly how.

Thank you.

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Please try using the full URL address for the link, so it would look like this, ‘Easy Website Builder - Create a Website | Yourwebsite.com’.

Please update me on the results.

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Thanks for your response.

I tried what you suggested
with a “https…" start it gives me an error saying “coded incorrectly. invalid certificate. certificate not signed by a authorized person”.
if change to “http:……” start when I go to click on the button, a greyed out circle with a line across it appears making the button inaccessible.

What else can I try?


I cleared the cache again

With the "http: " start – one of the buttons is now working perfectly. The other now allows me to activate the button, but the whole screen just turns a milky white, but when it clears the location has not scrolled down.

The title of the section I want to scroll to is Our Doctors.

I have entered the last part of the code as …/#our-doctors

What am I doing wrong? I even copied and pasted the first part of the code from the one working correctly to eliminate typo possibility.


Here there.

Would you mind creating a temporary admin user and share it with us so we can have a look a the issue for you?

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Thanks so much!

Website is mysunburyvetclinic.com
User: ColorlibSupport
PW: Thanks4Helping

Could someone give me an idea when you will have a chance to log and see why that button isn’t working correctly?

I’ve been waiting almost a week now…