Jumbotron Safari Mobile Browser does not work

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I’m hoping you can help me. I’m experiencing an issue with the page my URL opens up on different mobile browsers… On the chrome mobile browser the URL opens up the proper Jumbotron browser and it looks great. But on the mobile safari browser the same URL opens up the “front page” the jumbotron sits within, however, non of the Jumbotron features are active.

This is the URL I am directing traffic to http://thegoodlifebiz.com

On chrome browser on iPhone it directs me to where I want traffic to go… see image 1.

On safari iPhone browser It takes me to the Wordpress page that hosts the main Jumbotron page but no jumbotron is active. … see image 2.

Thank you

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This is the mobile theme provided by the Jetpack plugin.

In order to remove the theme please go to Jetpack -> Settings -> Writing tab and scroll down to the Theme Enhancements and the “Enable the Jetpack Mobile theme” option and turn that OFF.

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