Jumbotron Section Slider Dimensions?


I would like to know the exact dimensions of the slider in Jumbotron section, I am posting images with size: 1900x1500 px and they get cropped. I tested a lot and I got to get that the dimensions go around: 1700x900…I am near to the right answer?

Hi there

I can say size of the image in our demo is: 28801923px :slight_smile:
there is no exact answer on this question :slight_smile: images added in the slider will cover an entire area of your screen, this means if one image with size 1700
900 is good looking on your with screen resolution 1980*1080 it may be different for other screen resolution devices,

Thanks for the reply!
And is there any way to add a css code for the mobile mode? On mobile the image get cropped from left and right, no matter what sizes I test with?

HI there

Well, you are using a smart slider on the page: https://one-interiordesign.com/
i want to see how images are cropped if you can share a screenshot that would be great