Just bought "Petsitting" WP theme and style.css is missing

I just bought this Petsitting theme and when I try to install it on Wordpress I am getting a failed message:
Package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
Theme installation failed.

How can I fix this ASAP?


Hey there

It’s a website template, not a WordPress theme, that’s why you cant install it in the WordPress:

Oh no. I specifically was looking for WP themes and this came up in the results so I assumed it was WP. I can’t use html so how can I get a refund?

Hi there

Sorry about that, you need to initiate a refund from your payment account, from PayPal for example


I paid with my credit card. Are you saying I need to dispute the charge with my credit card company?


Yes, you need to initiate a refund from your bank account