Kali Forms Removal

Hi, is it possible to remove this new Kali Forms and revert back to the original contact form that came with the Pixova Lite theme? I don’t like how Kali Form is not consistent with the Pixova Lite theme (colours, fonts). I’ve tried to remove it, but the customise area doesn’t permit me to deselect Kali Form and without it no contact form appears on the website. It’s the same with Colorlib’s sample for Pixoa Lite - check it out, there’s no contact form.

Hi There,

Thanks a bundle for reaching out to us.

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Here’s the link - https://www.cuvecom.org/wp-admin/?wtlwp_token=80e971c81ba25afb8def6cece75c34d5

hello Gary

Sorry, but who changed this form here?
Kali is the third party plugins and if you want to use default contact form deactivate it and use the default form, is there any problem?

I can’t deactivate it, it is not listed in the plugins list. All I can tell you is yesterday there was a theme update and after I updated the theme, the original contact form wasn’t showing on the website and this new Kali Form had appeared.

I thought I should send screenshots to support my last comment. You can see that I have two options - 1) results in no contact form 2) results in Kali Form. The tick box next to Kali Form isn’t clickable, I can’t deselect it. Can you remove Kali Form?

Same here Kali Forms isn’t removable and removed my form7 form … form a default page

Sorry the name is WordPress Forms Made Easy - Kali Forms and not Kali Forms. I found it and remove it sorry

Yes, boerenkoolmetjus is correct and I deleted the plugin now, BUT my contact form 7 still doesn’t come up. I’ve selected it and ticked the box (see attached) but I have no contact form on my website. I’m not happy and I need a solution. Noda, you know just how much I’ve gone through with this website and it is still ongoing and I’m on my own trying to sort everything. I need the contact form back please. Is this going to happen every time the theme is updated?

Hi garry

Problem is fixed, looks like this is happening in the updated version of the theme, Kali form plugin is now kind of recommended but one glitch is not allowing us to choose Contact form 7 forms.
Right now I fixed this problem for you manually and the problem is also reported: Kali form problem · Issue #296 · ColorlibHQ/shapely · GitHub

Thank you, I can see the form is back. I have no faith in the github.com approach since there never was a response to my previous translation plugin issue.

Thank you, Garry

Unfortunately, only this is what I can right now,
Let me know if you have other questions, but in the new ticket