Lack of return on theme purchase.

I compiled the theme “” and so far I have not received any email about access.

I send email and no one responds.

Damn what support is this.

I’ll wait for a return today from you, tomorrow if I don’t have an answer I look for my rights.

Invoice ID: WC-286588

Hey there

This question is a most answered question on the support, there is no separate version and download link of the template, you can download it from the same download page, by your purchase you are just purchasing rights to remove credits from the template footer, no any action is required after the purchase, just download the template, remove footer and make it yours :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I downloaded the files “”, and I’m running it locally, how do I change the colors?

Hey there

It’s an HTML template, you can change anything related to colors from the CSS file,
Please note, without experience working with HTML template it sill be very hard :slight_smile: